Tuesday 16 January 2018
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Beratan Lake – Bedugul Bali Places of Interest

Beratan Lake is one of the attractions offers natural beauty, the Lake Beratan itself at an altitude of 1231 meters above sea level, the lake 3.8 km wide and has a maximum depth of 22 meters. The Lake water volume is about 0,049 Cubic Kilometer. The Activities to do in Lake Beratan is rent a speed boat or canoe to circumnavigate the lake while enjoying the scenery around the lake, local people also rent fishing for those who like fishing. In the middle of this lake there is a lake Beratan namely Ulun Danu Temple, this temple is a place of worship to the goddess Sang Hyang Danu  in trust as a goddess Sri or goddess of fertility.

Entering this attraction Beratan lake, Buddhist temple area 5 meter high Stupa like mountain surrounded by four statues of Buddha at the bottom. This indicates how multiculturalism was running in Bali since first. Moreover, right next to the Buddhist temple there Ulun Danu where Hindus pray during a visit to Bedugul. Moreover, not far from this area there is a mosque so multicultural feel of the increasingly felt. This makes Bedugul completely different.

Another interesting thing is that we can meet the playground. In one section there is a children’s toy in the form of swing, swivel chair and others. Next to the playground, there are restaurants that when lunch time, full of visitors since it presents a buffet.

All around the temple is a major part of the natural beauty of Lake Beratan, there is a park with green grass. Pine trees make it grow full green atmosphere. We could walk on the sidewalks for pedestrians. In the easternmost part of Ulun Danu there are two Meru (a place to put offerings) which tunpang solas (eleven stacks) and tumpang Pitu (seven stacks). Two Meru is somewhat separated from the mainland so it becomes the object of a very interesting photo