Bali ATV and Buggy Riding

By | May 15, 2014

Bali ATV Raiding and Buggy Drivingseebali 02

Many way to explore the pure natures of Bali with tropical atmosphere and superb landscape surround it.  Riding ATV and Buggy are the most challenging adventures. It will bring you interest and sophisticated experience to penetrate obstacles such as muddy ground, small river, the bushes and etc.

This adventure absolutely Safety with special vehicle design to easy to use in all condition on the track. Vehicle able to use in muddy condition, reliable control to maneuver jumps.  There are two kind of track to give all of you opportunity to get unforgettable moment in Bali. Single ride or tandem on the ATV and Buggy vehicle adventure while enjoy the tropical nature with breathtaking view surround the track.

paddyventurelogo       Paddy Adventure Bali 


Paddy Adventure Bali is of the pioneers adventure company for ATVATV adventure.  It offers the sophisticated adventure to explore the magnificent view of agriculture and rice terrace around Jatiluwih. This adventure will guide you to get unforgettable moment. Increase your adrenaline to defeat and through muddy ground and all variation of the track. Moreover, enjoy the superb panorama countryside of Bali by driving off-road four wheel drive motorcycle with 250 cc and 350 cc engine power. Just get ready to wet to totally enjoy the adventure atmosphere.
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seebalilogo      See Bali Adventure


See Bali Adventure is one of the trust adventure company in Bali See balispecialties in ATV riding and Buggy Driving activities. Located in Tabanan regency, explore pure and magnificent nature by riding powerful four wheel drive off-road. Vehicle design specially for hard track like muddy ground, rocky soil, across the bush, river and  all off road track. Furthermore, it will challenge all of you to get the most satisfaction and addicted adventure in  Bali. All the activities is bases in Tengkudak Village, Penebel district adn Tabanan regency. More info and booking..