Bali Kite Festival 2014

By | September 5, 2014

Bali Kites Festival


( Behind Bali Kites Festival 2014, Padang Galak Sanur Beach, Bali )

Saving turtle Campage at Bali Kites Festival

Turtle Conservation Campaign at Bali Kites Festival 2014

The location of Festival:
Location kite festival which was held recently held at Padang Galak, Sanur, Denpasar, Bali.

Kite Festival or the Bali Kite Festival is an annual event in Bali moments are usually much awaited by the tourists, both domestic and international. This event is usually held in the monsoon months from July to August in each year and ends right at the end of the month or the date of August 31. The reason why the kite became one of the selected events Because of this kite has become a culture of life, most people in Bali are very closely related to the livelihood of the people of Bali are a big  as farmers and fishermen. Another reasons as well as kite Gaming is a hobby favored by many in Bali of the children, old, young, men and women. Not only that, according to some Hindu religious leaders, meaning the game has religious significance kites dedicated to Lord Rare Anggon. Rare Anggon itself is believed to be a protective area so that farmers paddies Balinese rice fields not affected plant-hoppers and birds. The festival began in 1979, followed by many participants  from International Kite Flying Club. The festival is held at the festival this year is the 35th. When the festival, thousands of participants and kite lovers will flood the arena and bring kites with various styles, colors and sizes. The Kites that usually  participating in this event are General type kites, traditional kites like bebean, Janggan, pecukan, and  new creations kites. This kite will decorate the  blue sky of Bali island while Balinese gamelan gong-talu played. Some traditional Balinese kites like a burden has (fish-shaped), Janggan (bird-shaped) and Pecukan (leaf-shaped) kite and also new creations will follow the contest. Kite size ranges from 4 meters – 10 meters long. Janggan Kites could have a long tail up to 200 meters. The design of the kite color usually with black, red and white like a traditional Balinese kites, except for the kite with new creations.

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                     A group can consist of more than 10 people and depending on the size of the kite. The kites that longer and large then the other members. The members compete with other members, and the jury will see how they are playing  and how longer time the kites can fly. The kite should be able to follow the flow of the wind, so that the best member will get a trophy and money if one of the kite was chosen to be the winner. Each group will take care of the kite itself.