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By | June 10, 2014
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Bali Ratu Spa

Bali Ratu Spa is one if luxury, exclusive and aesthetic spa in Bali that is situated in Kuta,  the heart of tourism activities in Bali. It is a unique spa  place for relaxation that provide the taste of natural traditional Balinese treatment and offer that all the time  you spend to enjoy the elegant and luxurious time like a queen, because Ratu in English is means The queen, so in this spa you will get VIP room while  enjoy the treatment here with Bali  Ratu Spa professional and well trained therapist in the natural total beauty care and wide range of product that suitable to tropical climate and made of natural ingredients with modern technology production.

Great inspired by tradition and Indonesian culture to provide external treatments to beautify the face and  body, so with the Bali Ratu product, you will experience the wonder of looking good outside and feeling great inside. it will healed your body and soul and spend the elegant and luxurious time like a queen by provide 45 female therapist in total and 18 twin room plus 3 triple room.

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Special Treatment  Information:

Face Treatment – Detox & Anti Acne Facial (1 Hour)
For pimply face and oily skin. The treatment will give your face bright, clean and smooth by following process:

– Reduce and improve pimples and oily surface by face foam, ozone, facemask (Acne prevention), peeling and washing.
– A moisture and nutrition will be given by facemask with lotion and moisturizer.
– Massage your neckline, shoulders and hands during drying the facemask.
– Firm up and close pores by cold water finally.

Face Treatment – Mutiara Anti Aging Facial (1 Hour) 
For wrinkled and sagged skin. The treatment especially for adult skin will give your face expression and youthful by following process:

– Washing and cleansing at first.
– Massage face skin gently and carefully by using anti aging gel.
– Remove dead skin cells and stain by face scrub which contains pearl extract.
– Care for wrinkle skin by ozone and facemask.
– Massage your neckline, shoulders and hands during drying the facemask.
– Vitamin will be given for nutrition.

Orchid Lymphatic Massage (1,5 Hours) 
This massage is a firmer massage which focus pressure to some of the areas of the body that may have tighter or denser tissue texture. A firmer pressure is designed to rid the tissues of this condition and provide a rejuvenation of the body.