Bulfest 2014 with the theme Dynamics of Buleleng

By | September 4, 2014

Buleleng Festival  2014

The Second Bulfest that take a theme ‘Dynamics of Buleleng

The dynamic of Buleleng festival 2104

Buleleng Festival is an annual cultural activity featuring a combination of art, culture, education and social environment that brings Buleleng towards a preservation, creation, innovation and promotion of Buleleng or often abbreviated Buleleng Festival is an activity that has become an annual event Buleleng Government. Bulfest this year is Bulfest to-2 which will be held on August 6 to August 10, 2014 in “Earth of Panji Sakti” Singaraja City. The first Bulfest  was held on August 23 – August 25, 2013 for 3 days and Buleleng Festival 2014 held for 5 days given the number of activities that will enliven this annual event with the theme “Dynamics of Buleleng“. This activity aims to stimulate creativity of the society, especially the younger generation to create new things in the field of art and culture of Bali, the creative economy, developing and exploring the local culture Buleleng. This event also has a purpose to promote all products originally from Buleleng, like cultural arts, such as Bali classical dances and new creations that have not been well documented that the arts are not recognized by the younger generation. Future efforts should be encouraged to document the cultural-art products with a number of programs. For example, in the event of Buleleng Festival that already held in August 23 to 25, it published a book of dances created by artists Buleleng. Dances were collected as dance creations of the 1920’s until 2010.

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Bulfest year 2013 had been presenting mass Truna Jaya dance as an icon, different  icon  was displayed in Bulfest 2014 and new RECORD was solved at the opening of Buleleng Festival 2014, August 6. Fishermen creation dance that was made by artist I Ketut Merdana from the Kedis village, Busungbiu District. This dance was danced by at least a thousand dancers. In addition to the mass dance, new things that the first time was held in Buleleng that is Buleleng Endek Carnaval (BEC 2014) presented the design of clothing from fashion designers who are well known in Bali like Dwi Iskandar and Vedic Githapradana which takes the theme of “Sea World”.

Enliven the event Buleleng Festival (Bulfest) 2014, the committee distribute 10,000 skewers or Satay on August 6 right on the grand opening of the event.  This division as a form of joy to the people who come and enliven Buleleng community event Buleleng on Bali in particular and tourism generally.