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Marine Sport Activities

Marine Sport Activities

Bali Marine

Water Sport  Activities

Bali Marine Sports are  interesting and challenging activities for everyone who like a challenging sport from motorize until the manual one, such as  Para sailing, snorkeling, Jet ski and many more. This kind of seawater activities  will give you   how to enjoy the wonderful nature activities, especially on the beach and the sea of Tanjung Benoa Sport Center in the island of Bali. The  Bali Water sport center venue is blue sea water without wave is the best water sport  venue expect surfing.  Bali own the beautiful place with the long white sandy beach that located in Tanjung Benoa as a Marine Sport Center  that takes about 25 minutes drive from Bali’s International Airport, right in Bali’s peninsula, south part  of the island.

Compilation Marine Water Sport


Choices of Marine Sport Activities

(Flying above the Sea)

Parasailing sport activities will give you the bird eyes experience by hook your self in airborne for a second and you will get free to enjoy the magnificent panorama of the beach and over part of the superb island from 100 meters above the sea and give you unforgettable moment and this is will be your way to enjoy the Bali paradise island.

  Price:   US$ 25  (net/person/one round)

Price Include: Life Jacket, Medical Insurance, one round trip and more.

Fly FishFlying Fish
Fly fish is an activity that recommended for your family to enjoy your holiday in Bali by riding a flat rubber boat which is pulled by a speed boat so it will flies to dash against the wind sweeping   and feels how the sensation of flying like a bird in the sky about 80 meters above the sea that will complete your family holiday in Bali.

  Price:   US$ 30 (net/person/15 minutes minimum for 2 person)

Price Include: Life Jacket, Medical Insurance, equipment and more.

(Ride and Enjoy the Sea Right on the Sea)

Banana BoatBanana Boat
Riding a Banana Boat is like riding a long soft and smooth bubble on the blue seawater  and enjoy the waves that make the track so unique and push us to laughing together with family and friends while enjoy the panorama of the trip on seawater will be one of your unforgettable moment.  you may see more complete here.

  Price:   US$ 20  (net/person/15 minutes minimum for 2 person)

Price Include: Life Jacket, Medical Insurance, equipment and more.

Glass Bottom Boatbali glass bottom boat
This way to keep the opportunity to see many kind of fish without touch the water  and  this  kind of tour is using a Glass Bottom boat to explore the magnificent of Benoa underwater and the panorama of the beach from the middle of the sea and stop for 15 minutes to find out the interesting object underwater  like colorful fishes. you can see  more  detail about Glass Bottom Boat here.

  Price:   US$ 38   (net/person, minimum for 2 person)

Price Include: Life Jacket, Medical Insurance, equipment and more.

Jet skiJet Ski
Riding Jet Ski at Bali island has a same sensation  as riding a special vehicle like a motorcycle without wheels on the blue water with combination of Jet Drive Power up to 700 cc and it will be a magnificent experience. Please see more details about Jet Sky HERE.

  Price:   US$ 30   (net/person/15 minutes)

Price Include: Life Jacket, Medical Insurance, equipment and more.

Water SkiWater ski
Water ski  is one of challenging activities on the sea by gliding the seawater uses a water ski board and pulled by power boat to surround the beautiful white sandy beach  at Tanjung Benoa Beach which as well-known as Bali Marine Sport Center in Bali. find the detail about Water Ski HERE.

  Price:   US$ 25   (net/person/15 minutes)

Bali Dolphin Watching TourDolphin tours
Bali Dolphin Tour is a memorable tour  at Tanjung Benoa Beach seawater area to explore and get an unforgettable experience of watching a parties of Dolphin in the wild habitat of Blue Ocean by private boat to see dolphin jumping in front of your face accompanied by professional guide that ensure everything about the attraction. see the details about Bali Dolphin Watching Tour HERE.

  Price:   US$ 119 (net/person/ minimum for 2 person)

Price Include: Life Jacket, Medical Insurance, equipment and more.

(Under  Water Activities)

Snorkeling is a perfect way to explore the magnificent of under water like wonderful coral, colorful fishes and other unique things of Bali Marine Activities center at Tanjung Benoa.  This adventure  will brings you and experience that people never find out expect in Bali accompanied with professional snorkeling guide who guide you to the special spot to explore about 1 hour in that area. please see more detail about Snorkeling Activities HERE.

  Price:   US$ 25 (net/person/1 hour)

Price Include: Snorkeling Gear, Boat transfer, Life Jacket, Medical Insurance, equipment and more.

Would you like to Diving in Bali ?  diving

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