Dreamland Beach

By | September 15, 2014

Dreamland Beach

Bali island is famous for its beautiful beaches, many beaches attract many visitors to come to Bali, such as Kuta and Sanur Beach. But the beaches in Bali not only those beach, now there is a beach that started ogled by domestic and foreign tourist, the beach is Dreamland Beach. Dreamland beach offers superb white sandy beaches with private place that really  suitable to  relax and have a sun bathing while enjoying the sunset of southern Kuta area.


Most of the beaches in Bali’s name is taken from the beach location, but Dreamland Beach takes its name from the English language is ‘dreamland’. The name given by the locals because of the magnitude of their expectations of this beach become a famous tourist attraction and visited by many travelers entire the world. Local residents hoping to take the positive side of this development by changing the livelihoods of farming became engaged in the field of tourism. Because of that the locals call it ‘Dreamland Beach’.


Dreamland‘ beach is a dream for travelers who love beaches with beautiful white sandy beach while enjoying the sunset in the evening. Visitors will be amazed when he saw the white sand behind the line of cliffs towering and adorned by shrubs that resemble the savanna that to fortify the coast. At the beach, visitors can stroll while enjoying the white sand or play, even a beach umbrella has been prepared for visitors to relax while enjoying the surf in the sea of blue that has the big waves. The high waves make  Dreamland Beach is a private paradise for surfers. This beach also offers a beautiful sunset in the afternoon. In the surrounding area there is also a beach cafe, food and beverage vendors to meet the needs of visitors to the beach. No wonder that this beach dubbed ‘New Kuta Dreamland‘.

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Dreamland Beach is located in the tourist area precisely in the village of Pecatu, Badung regency area of southern Bali. To reach this beach takes 30 minutes from Kuta Beach and  from Ngurai Rai International Airport only takes about 45 minutes to reach this beach.

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