Bali Horse Riding

By | May 13, 2014


Horse Riding in Bali
Horse Riding in Bali

Venue : Saba Bay and Yeh Gangga


Riding a horse and  enjoy the superb sunset in the island of paradise is a dream for many people from entire the world.  Now Horse riding  has be existed in Bali the island of paradise.
Bali Horse riding is an exciting adventure by riding a healthy, tame and awesome horse to explore the pure nature tropical atmosphere in the country side of Bali and across the beautiful beach while watching sunset and unique social life. The horse had been prepared at the camp are the best selection of horses that have been trained that will make you very comfortable with that. We offer two choices of horse riding in Bali those a re located in Yeh Gangga, west of Bali and another one at Saba bay.


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   Bali Island Horse

  Price:   US$ 59 ONLY    


Riding a horse is an exciting adventure to explore the pure nature and tropical refresh atmosphere of Bali island. Here is Bali Island Horse that is a horse riding company offers a opportunity to everyone who want the experience of riding a horse through beautiful beach, sea salt harvesting area, temple seaside village of Yeh Gangga that will complete with the panorama of the most famous tourist destination around Tabanan that Secret temple on the rock, Tanah Lot.

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  Bali Horse Riding

  Price:   US$ 59 ONLY        

bali horse riding

Bali Horse Riding also a company that have specialties for horse riding adventure that provides unforgettable experience of riding a tame and superb horse to explore the beautiful coast of Saba. Stables set on Saba Beach, more than 10 km stretches black sand beach with panoramic ocean and sea breeze. all the activities will accompanied by professional and trained adventure guide.

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