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By | June 14, 2014
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La Vie Bali Spa is one of the best choice spa in Bali that can you visit on your arrival day and departure day. It opens until 00.00 am at night and offers reasonable price. La Vie is moved to Jalan Campus Udayana University in Jimbaran on 2010 to make the best service to all of you who come to Bali. This Spa will give you Deep muscle and tissue relaxation. Moreover,reduction your stress, release toxin from your body to disease preventive, increased flexibility to enjoy the Bali island. Hence improve blood circulation, reduce blood pressure and  mental anxiety. It is also increase mental and spiritual awareness. 25 female and 20 persons well trained therapists that in-charge on the day you visit.

Special for parent who want to enjoy the time of relaxation but must take care your children, La Vie Bali Spa provide kids room. Menus for children age over 12, Comfortable changes clothes room, complete shower with towel, soap, and shampoo. Locker are provide for your valuables. Offer free ginger tea, cold and warm towel, full AC and music that will bring you to the deepest Relaxation of 32 room that provide.

Treatment Information that provide at La Vie Bali Spa:

La Vie Spa Room

Foot Reflexology Massage (1 Hour).
This massage combines of Swedish style and Thai style massage which aims to improve blood circulation. It brings you total relaxation and recover your stamina after the exciting holiday activity.

Original Massage (2 Hours)
I This pleasant massage stimulates our body reflex points on our sole to improve blood circulation. It brings you deep relaxation and release fatigue. Enjoy the sensational moment in our specially designed chair while you listen to the selected serene music.

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