Omed – omedan, Tradition and Balinese faith

By | September 11, 2014

Annual Holy  Celebration specially for Teenagers in Bali


The island of Bali has been known to have extraordinary social and natural life. community life with an interesting culture until now is endless to be studied and enjoyed as a choice of cultural and natural tourism that is very complete. The culture that is preserved by the younger generation that must be done is omed-omedan. Many people are interested and curious about the true meaning of the name of this activity. Omed-omedan (med-medan) come from the Balinese language means kissing each other or attract each other. These activities are regularly every year in Banjar Kaja, Village Sesetan, Denpasar Bali the day after Nyepi. Omed-omedan is an activity design specifically for the younger generation in a very unique and interesting. Historically that omed-omedan already known as a ancestors heritage since the 1900’s.

What’s On

Omed-omedan procession involving young men and women aged 17 years to 30 years not married. It is an event where young men and women are attracted to each other and kissing, or often referred to by the common people as Bulk kiss. This activity actually has a purpose for the safety pleading for all villagers with mutual attraction between boys and girls in the village of excitement. Omed-omedan have inherited since hundreds of years ago and is believed to have sacred values ​​associated with Ancestors(manifestation of God who was worshiped society) at Pura Banjar Kaja. It is a form of consecrated young people of Bali to their ancestors who have passed away, but the community has confidence in Bali ancestors who always watches over generations.


Many people don’t  know that Omed-omedan not just a ritual kiss the opposite sex, but the emotion is preceded by advice and infrastructure offerings  ceremony first in the temple that will be led by a Stakeholder (clergy) of the village and at the same time carry out the prayers. Peak activity usually performed at around 2 PM which will be marked within 2 groups: young men and women. They separate their self and walk toward the road in front of the village (banjar). Follow by the Stakeholders who spark Tirtha (holy water) towards the participants and spectators to invoke the sanctity of the event and the event can run smoothly.

The peak activity will be accompanied by Balinese gamelan will continue to pump the spirit and excitement of the participants as well as spectators. A traditional elders who oversee  the leader will choose one of the young men and women who will be draped and hold each other in jointly by each group to Omed-omedan. the spectators and participants will make atmosphere of the event was very festive and exciting. It will be repeated until most of the participants had a turn up approximately 2 hours, or it can be said enough by traditional elders who oversee and this procession ends with clapping hands up together.

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