Sampi Gerumbungan – northern Bali icon

By | October 9, 2014

Sampi Gerumbungan is a  that proclaimed to be one of the icons of Singaraja City. It is quite different  with Mekepung in Jemberana and Bull Race in Madura, North Bali owned Sampi Gerumbungan that not concern with velocity of cows, but you’ will enjoy the appearance of a pair of cows with unique ornament with her ​​sais.
Lovina Festival and Sail Indonesia 2014  held Sampi gerumbungan event that participated by 12 pairs of cows which is competed in Sampi Gerumbungan Parade in the  Kaliasem. The jury are consisting of five people watching every move of the cow and sais that they have to make the harmony of appearance, the assessment criteria have been determined, the jury decided, Sampi Gerumbungan in Lovina Festival circuit and Sail Indonesia 2014 in Village Tourism Regions of Lovina Kaliasem Banjar sub district. Sampi Gerumbungan Traditional Culture Parade, Saturday (09/27/2014) at the public square of Kaliasem village in Banjar sub district followed by 12 groups or bage and is divided into three regions, including the Middle Buleleng led Bage Santhi Group Gopala, four pairs of the Bage-led East Buleleng Bage sebali, and Bage Western-led group Son Shepherd.

The event of Sampi gerumbungan  in Buleleng Culture and Tourism event 2014 was a series of final implementation. It will be designed in a minimum of three times a year to sampi gerumbungan parade to promote this heritage to all  the generation in Buleleng and also the tourists. government plans to conserve this ancestors event it  will be held not only in Lovina Festival, but on the anniversary of Singaraja City and Independence Day also planned will  be the best space to promote Sampi  Gerumbungan. 12 pairs cow and the sais with unique attributes begins with a parade, a pair of cows with his sais Kaliasem around the field, then taken to an assessment of three pairs from 12 pairs of cows to do their action. In the end, tourists who witnessed the sampi gerumbungan also involved with driving sampi gerumbungan that guided every ‘sais‘ her. In addition to showing the attractions sampi gerumbungan, in the event Lovina Festival and Sail Indonesia 2014 Public Square Village Arts Joged Kaliasem also displayed.