Saren Ubud Royal Palace Bali

By | July 24, 2018

Saren Ubud Royal Palace

Historical Building in Ubud

Puri Saren Agung was a Hindu historical palace that became the central of Ubud royal government.  This palace founded in 19th Century. The palace was the official residence of the royal family of Ubud. Nowdays, the palace still kept and maintained by the royal family. Furthermore, there are so many tourists visit the palace due to the palace still has traditional building with original Bali ornament. The building with its ornament looks very artistic to see. Moreover, the collection of goods or furniture are valuable and unique. It represents the property of Saren Royal Palace used by the king and his family in the past.

History of The Palace

Puri Saren Agung is a place to preserve, develop and protect various traditional Balinese art, culture and literature ever since the palace built. The royal palace built by a king namely Tjokorda Ida Putu Kandel. After the king passed away, he was succeeded by his son, Ida Tjokorda Putu Sukawati. Then, the successor, who was proficient in English and Dutch, had a wide vision. He promoted the local culture by inviting foreign artist to live in Ubud. Currently, the palace hold Balinese dance performance every 7.30 pm to promote Balinese culture. Futhermore, Ubud progressed in various fields, during his leadership. Hence, Ubud developed the reputation as being the cultural pulse of Bali and it stands until now.

Location of Saren Royal Palace

For those of you who loves cultural and historical tourism, must include Saren Royal Palace in Ubud to your list of excursions while in Bali. Moreover, the location of the palace is strategically on the center of Ubud Village. It is exactly on the main highway and on the opposite of Ubud art market. It takes 1 hour drives from Denpasar city (the capital of Bali Province) or 2 hour drives from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Nearby Places of Interest

The are so many places of interests nearby with the royal palace since the location is in Ubud. Those are Mas tourism village, Batuan Temple, Monkey Forest, Tirta Empul Temple, Goa Lawah, Tegalalang rice terrace and many more. Furthermore, the traffic around Ubud is worst. Hence, the best way to explore the royal palace is by using motorcycle or joining Ubud tour package.

Facilities in Saren Royal Palace

Saren Royal Palace is a place where the family of Ubud Kingdom live. Consequently, visitors are not allowed to use any facilities in the palace but visitors can use public facilities around the palace instead. Moreover, there are so many nearby restaurants, rest rooms, home stays, and villas. For those of you who loves to shopping, you may go to the biggest traditional market in Ubud. It is on the next of Saren Royal Palace.