By | September 23, 2014
Subak Irrigation system

Subak is Balinese irrigation system that well-know in Bali as one as the heritage of Bali ancestors. The history behind Subak, the system is known and made ​​public by the Hindu holy priests’ Rsi Markandya before the year 1071. Inscriptions and artifacts indicate that the subak in Bali has been so far in 1071, or about ten centuries ago. He came to Bali from East Java with 800 communities, and they cut the trees in the forest in the village of Taro, Gianyar Regency, about 50 km north of Denpasar and then the group makes irrigated land (paddy) held by the organization called ‘Kesuwakan’, and is now called and known as Subak. Subak system in Bali where recorded since 1071, or the time it takes 393 years for a farm system that was developed in Bali. Actually, in the development of subak, the King advised or allow farmers to make a dam in the river, which is nothing else to irrigate dry land. King who even gives farmers, some tax-free soil, in other to stimulate farmers to grow rice in irrigated land.


This started in colonial era of the Dutch government, the head of subak (called pekaseh) was ordered by the Dutch to collect land tax from farmers (subak members). It is important to note that specificity is the Subak ritual activity, as compared to other irrigation systems in Indonesia (the world). Some ceremonies are conducted by Subak, which is derived from tillage to harvest. Based on this history we can get some conclusion that the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana has 393 worker as a part of the lives of our ancestors. They try to balance the relationship between man and the Almighty God, human-to-human and human beings with their environment (nature). all creatures work in one place as a team (ex directly) without another break.


Subak also as one of tourist object destinations in Bali. This system does not have  aim directly to create stunning scenery and art in the farming community. Many sites in Bali offers the subak system, but in tourism known as Paddy or Rice Terrace, all sites use the Subak system based make art like that. The system operates with nature itself, use the pull of gravity and fluid characteristics that always find a lower place. Our ancestors really know how to use these gods creatures that are part of the irrigation system in Bali and made ​​a wonderful system that existed until now. We hope as Bali that tourism can grow and protect this legacy as one of the world’s heritage and we are together and our generation can enjoy the magnificent ancestral handmade especially in irrigation systems.

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