Tanah Lot Temple

By | May 25, 2018

Tanah Lot as Sacred Temple in The Sea

Tanah Lot Temple is one of tourism icon of Bali which is very famous for its location and scenic view. It literally means a land in the midst of the sea. Tanah Lot is a sacred Hindu temple on the big rock of the sea. It is facing the wide open ocean with a beautiful sunset as the backdrop. Hence, lot of people visit this tourist attraction every day especially on the afternoon before the sunset. Furthermore, the temple is close to the seashore. You should go to the temple by foot when the sea is on low-tide to prevent you for being wet. From the beach, you need to walk about 20 meter over round-washed small rock and fine dark sand to reach the temple. Moreover, you will find a freshwater sacred well near the temple rock. It is usually guarded by local Hindu Priests.

History of Tanah Lot Temple

There is not definite history about the temple but local people believe the history of the temple has a relation with well-known Javanese Hindu priest. The priest name is Danghyang Nirartha. He formerly lived on Java island before moving to Bali island in 15th Century. One day, when he saw a bright light rising from the west coast. He found a large rock when he approached the light. Then, he rested and meditated on there. As a result, a temple is built on the rock and it was becoming Tanah Lot Temple.

Features of Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah is the best place to watch an unforgettable sunset. You can watch it by enjoying a luxurious breakfast or lunch, taste special Balinese food and drink. The rock of Tanah Lot appears like a boat floating on the waves when it is on the high tide. On full moon nights, you may spend an unforgettable romantic evening on the terrace served by the nearby restaurant. If you are lucky, you will get an opportunity to watch Kecak dance while having dinner. Furthermore, you can see sacred serpents in the cave. The location is in the cliff of the mainland, on the opposite of Tanah Lot Temple.

To Get There

Tanah Lot is around 30 km west of the city of Denpasar or 11 km south of the town of Tabanan, and 43 km from Kuta Beach. If you go from Kuta, go north-west via Jalan Sunset Road while from Denpasar, you may go west to Tabanan via the main road and turn left on Kediri Crossroad. There are so many places of interest near Tanah Lot Temple. You may join Tanah Lot Sunset tour to have a rare opportunity to visit the places.

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