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By | June 14, 2014

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Toya Spa is one recommendation Spa near Nusa Dua, Exactly located on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai  Nusa Dua. It only  5 minutes from Nusa Dua Hotel complex and 20 minutes from Denpasar International Ngurah Rai Airport and Kuta Area. Spa therapy is use combined water media with massage at body, head and foot.  This Spa offers the opportunity for all of you who come to Bali to enjoy the treatment of 43 female professional and well trained therapist in 18 twin treatment room and 1 salon.

Special Treatment information: 

Body Treatments – Boreh (2 Hours) 
Boreh is a very efficacious ingredients for Balinese people from the old times until the present time, which were used to loose any muscle ache, repair the blood circulation, rheumatic, warm up body, release you from catching cold. The ingredients were made from prevented rice, galingale and high quality spices.

Body Treatments – Seaweed Masker (2 Hours)
The richness of the ocean has a lot of potential for the health and beauty. Seaweed is one of the most powerful ingredient that help clear the skin of toxins nutrient, prevent wrinkles, create a shinny skin and anti aging. The seaweed masker is a combination of seaweed, lotus seed, roots, bengkoang and green bean.

Miracles – Ayur Dehi (3,5 Hours)
Ayur Dehi consists of the word ayur and dehi. Ayur mean healthy and dehi mean to give. Become ayur dehi mean to give health us. The massage is aimed at loosening the excess doshas. Ayur Dehi is treatment of foot head shall good to keeping in good health, balance the water element, wind and fire.

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