Water Blow – Nusa Dua Places of Interest

By | October 2, 2014

Water Blow Nusa Dua

get ready to wet !

Water Blow Nusa Dua  bali

Bali has a lot of natural beauty and culture that spread across the island of Bali. One of the natural beauty in the region of BTDC Nusa Dua tourism area is Water blow. Water Blow is an attraction that really  recommended to visit when you are visiting the island of Bali. It offer a quiet, beautiful, interesting place to explore and makes a lot of foreign and domestic tourists visiting this place to see the breathtaking ocean view and wide sport area in long range trekking track.

This place is what local people called the reef with narrow openings and then the wave coming towards the narrow slit of coral, and when the wave hit the reef, the water pressure rise and explode. That’s why this place is called Water Blow. Water Blow located in Nusa Dua peninsula, southeast tip of the island of Bali.  This place also suitable to make pre-wedding photo album, or just a family photo. The photos will look good when the waves bounce up as a background of the photo. The steep cliffs and sea colors are very concentrated and this makes Water Blow into one object that is very nice, especially when combining photos with a few stones and dried plants that sway in the wind. It will add a very romantic atmosphere for your images. To reach the beach Water Blow, must pass through the Bali Collection and located near Grand Hyatt Hotel. Then you will find a large grass field, then follow the path to a gate that read “Water Blow”. It just takes 20 minutes from Ngurah Rai International  Airport and 25 minutes from Kuta.

What’s On

This Nusa Dua area is just plain coral cliffs and dangerous impressed. The policy by the BTDC trimmed and managed to create a walkway and guardrail non-block. Not only that, an open-roofed building and was built at one end of the barrier reef.  The cliffs are directly dealing with the Indian Ocean, there is a large gap is narrowing. When the waves rolling and hit the cliff, as if caught in the waves in the gap and smash up.
From a distance like a large white foam dancing up. The bigger and faster the waves come, the higher the waves towering over the cliff. If not careful, you will be exposed to the brunt of the wet by the ocean wave. Don’t hope you can swim here, it is called a beach but the water is more suitable Blow called the barrier reef which pierced into the ocean. The uniqueness in this beach, we will not find sand beaches and the sea is far below you.

The best moment in this place is when visitors off guard and suddenly a big wave came and like a fly to the top. A moment later crashing down sending sparks water dampen the visitors. The Visitor will wait for high tide sensation that makes visitors are willing to wait while enjoying panoramic open sea. This tourism adrenaline will test the courage of every backpacker and traveler in challenging large sea waves.

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